People Who Get It

At its core, Greater Human Capital is a team that empathizes with your challenges and is committed to finding the right solutions for your organization. We embrace our role as an extension of your team—dedicated to delivering a positive experience reflective of your company’s unique strengths.

Greater aspires to a world where organizations and their team members collaborate to create productive, inclusive, and joyful work experiences. We aim to foster opportunities for personal growth and inspire companies to put people first. Committed to a culture of belonging and inclusion, we forge connections based on trust and elevate equitable, sustainable solutions.

Greater seeks to amplify the intrinsic value and inherent strengths of all individuals in an organization. Underpinned by the belief that people are a company’s greatest asset, Greater sheds light on innovative ways to enhance employers’ outcomes and employees’ experiences.

Priding ourselves on a forward-thinking approach to HR consulting, Greater helps teams strategically invest in human capital to strengthen their organizations from within, drive peak performance, and retain top talent. By augmenting HR teams with our expert consultants, Greater empowers organizations of all sizes to efficiently shift their perspective on human capital from an afterthought to a priority.

Great Work

We’re honest and ethical, and we believe in the power of our work to have a positive impact on organizations and individuals.

Great Results

We develop, design, and deliver tailored solutions that generate impactful outcomes and sustainable value.

Great Lives

We value self-care, family care, and community care above all else.

Greater Together

We’re inclusive and reflective, and we believe in the power of diverse teams.

Commitment to

Diversity, Equity
& Inclusion

Guided by the belief that diversity and inclusion are essential to fulfilling team dynamics and a just, equitable world, Greater elevates and celebrates the qualities that differentiate individuals and enrich teams.

We equip our clients with the resources to enhance the employee experience and create pathways to success for all. Whether examining existing practices and identifying areas for improvement, meaningfully infusing equity from the ground up, or sparking productive conversations, Greater provides unique solutions to break down barriers in the workplace.

We are committed to continuous growth and dialogue, confronting our blind spots head-on, and actively refining our approach to creating environments where everyone can excel. We are persistently motivated by the knowledge that there are individuals who feel underrepresented and undervalued regardless of their professional achievements, and we strive to sustain a strong sense of belonging and provide opportunities for individuals to shine.

Thriving Together

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