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Beyond Compensation: 10 Employee Retention Strategies

In today's competitive job market, retaining top talent is more crucial than ever. New hires often evaluate company culture, benefits, and growth opportunities before making long-term commitments. While employee benefits (think: retirement and healthcare) that go beyond compensation play a significant role, there's a direct link between an organization's employee retention strategies and factors like employee engagement, job satisfaction, and turnover rates.

Human Capital Management: Elevating the Employee Experience

In the modern workplace, a pivotal shift is happening. Human resources and HR leaders are increasingly emphasizing the importance of the overall employee experience. As businesses aspire for better results, it's clear that a traditional approach to human capital management is evolving into a more strategic process known as human experience management.

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Informed by years of experience working with and within nonprofit organizations, Greater Human Capital understands mission-centered needs and is poised to help you build HR capacity.